The MotorScrubber™ Cleaning System

The new MotorScrubber™ Cleaning System comes complete with the scrubber head & handle, backpack & battery, 5 ft. coil cord, padholder, battery charger, medium duty brush, 3 pads and new microfiber pad. Each unit has complete operating instructions, and a 12-month warranty.

PLUS! A full line of accessory brushes and adapters are available for any job! The MotorScrubber™ is cordless and can be used anywhere!

Scrubber head swivels from 0°-70° and can be locked into position!

Standard 30" medium-handle MotorScrubber telescopes to 48” for an effortless reach to manage all tasks. An optional 48” to 72” handle is available for additional reach.

12-volt rechargeable backpack battery is lightweight (only 7 lbs.) and provides up to 4 hours of “start & stop” use on a single charge

Standard 5 ft. coil cord shown. 25 ft. Utility Cord, DC Adapter, and Battery Post Adapter are also available.

Lightweight (only 4.5 lbs.) with comfortable "soft-grip" handle

100% Waterproof, Safe to use in and around water! Completely submersible under water.

MotorScrubber makes quick work of wheels, tires, and wheel wells!

Cleans your vehicle from top to bottom!



The Motor Scrubber, previously referred to as an EZZE Scrubber, is a battery operated mini floor machine. Also called a scrubber, it is light weight, submersible, polishes, strips, sands, scrubs and much more.

Designed for Janitorial, Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, Retail, Food Service and Residential Cleaning.